County Line CNC

Who Are We?
A veteran owned and operated, small Montana business, which takes a client's idea and makes it a reality. Taking it from concept to design, to manufacturing and delivery.

Making, is what we do. With a focus on excellence.

What does County Line CNC do?
You know how you've either just purchased a new home or have taken over a new office, and you'd like to have your personality and likes, reflected in its furnishings, but your only option is to purchase from a wide market retailer, and have the same things others have, so the space still isn't really reflective of who YOU are?
We take your desires and ideas, and through a design and manufacturing process, right here in the USA. We use as much USA made materials as we can get, to bring your personality to your space.

When people walk in to your space, they immediately know who you are and what you're about. Your space is all about you.